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インドの起業家メディア「YOUR STORY」にも取り上げられました。「このパワートラベラーというライフスタイルは、世界にも受け入れられるんだ」と自信を持つことができた瞬間でした。




Freely travel around the world, While making money using your laptop. That’s the lifestyle of a Powertraveler.

Powertraveler is a new lifestyle of traveling around the world while making money.

Earning income by creating a useful website for users. Produce a mail magazine to distribute interesting information. Plan a project for connecting friends around the world using SNS. Brainstorm for extraordinary projects, and publish them online… Procure a skill to earn using your laptop anywhere in the world, and make money by releasing your unique information ——A new generation way of working, when traveling and work becomes one. That’s what “Powertraveler” is.

Travelling does not explicitly indicate freedom.

Travelling and Freedom. We are so fascinated by these two words. Being released from ordinary days of going to work, we get to experience the thrill of being in touch with exotic cultures, customs, and people. However, I believe that travelling does not always correspond to freedom.

To travel freely for a longer period, there are varieties of things we may need to sacrifice. We may have to resign from our company and lose the job title. Students might have to choose to take years off school, giving up their credits. A temporary freedom could be obtained by this, but it won’t last forever.

The more fun you have, the faster your savings would decrease. It makes us feel so nervous when we think about our future back in our hometown. Even if you found a country that you really like, or fell in love with someone from other countries, if there is no source of income, then it leaves you no choice but to return to hometown. Conflicts and anxieties always come along with freedom, and we are unable to escape from them wherever we go.

A “Concrete Ability” is required to achieve the true freedom.

That’s when I came up with a way of working called “Powertraveler”——A lifestyle of traveling around the world while making money on your laptop.

If a single laptop is the only thing required for you to work, you are able to freely work at a hotel or in a cafe in whichever country you like. It allows you to take a measure to counter financial difficulties, and you get to live in a country that most fascinates you. In addition, having a work that only requires a single laptop is a great insurance for you when you return to your hometown. Reapplying for jobs are no longer necessary, and you may be able to start up a new business with your skill and fund.

Procuring an ability to freely travel around the world, learning and discovering through explorations, and making an output of it when a wider view is achieved. I was inspired to come up with a lifestyle to make this happen.I left my hometown on July 2012, and continued living this lifestyle. And now, I can proudly say that I made the right choice to believe in my faith.

Examples for how Powertraveler works

There are varieties of ways to earn money using your laptop. As for me, I create profitable websites during my journey, and live my life depending on advertising revenue.

Content includes rankings and reviews of games. Whenever new games are released, an outsourcing writer for the review would be arranged to write an article to be uploaded to the website. When the user visits the website and registers for the listed games, a reward would be credited to me. This is how the website works.

Also, since I am interested in ballet and dancing, I manage websites that lists performance videos of ballet. Videos of ballet acts and performances are posted in this website, as well as links for ballet goods and related products. This is how I earn from advertising revenue. During my journey, I would check for updates regarding ballet, and write articles about it so that it can be uploaded.

I have been managing several profitable websites like these. I would plan for a new project during my days at new destination, do marketing activities, and earn income by creating the website. Preparation for this would start a year before departure, and it keeps getting developed after arriving the new place. Today, I can earn enough money each month to continue my journey.

An individual who procures the freedom Flies around the world striving to achieve one’s mission.

The aim of Powertraveler is not just about continuing the journey. It’s more about discovering unfamiliar cultures and values, and to get in touch with new people and ideas. Living the lifestyle of a Powertraveler means deepening your true ambitions in these ways, and to make your lifetime goal become something solid.

Earning income on a laptop is not more than just a step toward your true ambition. You have the ability to live wherever you want. On your laptop, you can make money wherever you are. So, why not utilize your skill, network of people, and ideas that you procured during your journey and make a unique output that only you could do. I believe that such kind of work of a freely travelling individual would be something amazing and extraordinary.

An individual that has gained the access to freedom flies around the world to publish numbers of unique content. A world which one goes beyond it’s own society and borders to strive for their mission. Powertraveler portrays a new generation of lifestyle like such.


YUKI SAKAGUCHI. Born in Chiba prefecture, in 1987.

Experienced travelling Southeast Asia as a backpacker during my college days. During the trip realized that “financial anxiety exists for whole time during the journey, so I’ve got to discover a way to become financially independent”. Then, came up with “Powertraveler”, a lifestyle of traveling around the world while making money.

Resigned from work on May 2011 due to depression. Being bedridden for half a year, but finally decided to start a business with strong faith to “advance to the overseas”. As a business that could be done during trip, started to manage “profitable websites” starting from affiliate. Lived in to work in a hotel in Fukuoka to raise fund for the trip. Then, starting from Airin district in Osaka, Which is Japan’s only slum area, worked on for eight months to learn how to earn money with website.

Left Japan on July 2012.
After that, visited various areas not limited to Southeast Asian and European countries including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Vientiane, Dumaguete, Paris, Firenze, Barcelona, and Lisbon. Carried out a journey by renting a flat in the destination to stay and work. Currently continuing this with my wife to release the lifestyle of Powertraveler, creating friends all over the world.

Stay connected to Powertraveler

Thank you for reading until the end.

Referring to the content below, I am sharing how I handle my way to advance my lifetime’s work during my travel. You might find some hints for enjoying working life with full freedom.

In addition, a story that talks about my aspiration to start business is featured on “What an Ex-Yakuza Lieutenant Taught Me About the Type of Job You Should Never Do“. Please visit the website if you’re interested.

Today, Powertraveler continues to work while flying around the world. Your town might be visited one day. I am excited to have a chance to say hi to you, face to face. Let’s stay connected on Facebook!





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